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Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

Larry Ohlhauser

Larry Ohlhauser M.D.

Larry Ohlhauser M.D. – TEC Canada Speaker of the Year

Dr. Larry’s presentations in Canada, have been met with rave reviews and his average score is 4.80% out of 5.0

The Healthy CEO: an Inspirational Workshop for Achieving the Health Balance you Desire
The Healthy CEO: Taking the Lead in your Physical Wellness

  • Best retreat speaker
  • Took a lot out of the presentation – changes in my life are necessary
  • Excellent, Timely, Great Info
  • Great information – much to take away from retreat!

Recently, Larry has been coming across Chairnet with much more of the same reviews!

On behalf TEC Canada, thank you Larry for continuing to be a wellspring of health information for all of TEC Canada. Your willingness to accommodate requests is greatly appreciated!! All the best!

Criteria for Speaker of the Year:
TEC Canada reviews several factors in the process of selecting the Speaker of the Year - U.S and Canadian. 50% is overall scores from our members, 30% is feedback from TEC Canada Chairs and 20% is continuous support and going the extra mile to assist TEC Canada.

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Be the CEO of your health: live a longer, healthier and happier life. In a culture where having it all can mean sacrificing health, relationships or peace of mind, many hard working people feel they do not have enough time to accomplish everything. In particular, their personal health; that can be low on the priority list due to time pressures to get more and more done at work. Did you know that over 70 % of employees have hidden health problems? When did we as a society start putting less effort into ourselves than we do into our careers? Added to that is the “Economic Stress Factor.” It is time to take control and become the CEO of your own health. The value to individuals attending Dr. Ohlhauser’s program is that they will leave with: Tools to assess their successes and where improvement is needed. Solutions to manage and improve their wellness The opportunity to apply their healthy knowledge right there on the spot resulting in immediate, measurable results.

Larry Ohlhauser M.D. Twice voted TEC Speaker of the Year, Canada Voted one of the top 100 doctors of the century in Alberta, Canada. 13 years as the CEO of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta. State of the art expertise on how to stave off the aging processes so you look and feel younger. M.D. with vast corporate experience that you can use to promote a healthier workplace.