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Larson Associates LLC

Larson Associates LLC are speakers agents and business managers who book and negotiate contracts for the top six medical speakers in the nation. These Medical Speakers are widely recognized as the "go to pros" on how to stave off the aging process so you look and feel younger. They will also emphasize natural ways to prevent catastophic illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, etc through a healthy life style. It is now widely thought that 80% of these illnesses can be prevented if one knows what to do. Cost wise, what is that information worth to a company or an individual?

Do you need a Business Development Speaker? Brian Biro, known as "America's Breakthrough Coach", was voted INC magazine's top conference speaker for four consecutive years. If you want to boost sales; strengthen teams; and create individual breakthroughs that strengthen performance and success, call us about Brian.

We have purposefully selected only a few speakers to represent, and they are the ones who both inspire and provide lots of personal application tools that your participants can use long after the speech is over.


"I have worked with Pam when I wanted to recommend or book one of the speakers she managed. I found her to be incredibly professional, great with details, and a person of high integrity. Any speaker or client needing a speaker will benefit from working with Pam. She has my full endorsement."

~ Nancy Lauterback, Founder: Five Star Speakers Agency and Red Propeller Speakers Agency


Pam's monthly quote:

The prize in life is not health or wealth. The prize is living the life you want to live. David Katz, M.D.

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